About Adam Matthews Bakery

Established 1983

We specialize in rich and flavorful heritage style cakes.

Adam Matthews was founded in 1983 by Adam Matthew Burckle. Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky on special occasions Adam would look forward to and enjoy the hard work of his Mother Nell when she would bake her famous New York style cheesecake. While attending culinary school, Adam missed the flavor and richness of her cakes, so he started baking them at school. The demand from culinary classmates was so large that it caused Adam to consider pursuing his talents in a bakery rather than a restaurant. 

In 1983 he opened Adam Matthews with one oven and a baker’s helper. Soon sales took off and since then Adam Matthews has never looked back. Since 1983 Adam Matthews has baked over 10 million cheesecakes alone. 

Adam Matthews cheesecakes can be found throughout the United States. Adam Matthews cakes are sold in bakeries as well frozen food sections of grocery stores, specialty retailers and restaurants throughout the United States. 

Adam Matthew Burckle - Founder

Established in 1982


Privately Owned & Operated
50,000 Square Feet Facility

Industrial Bakery Production

SQF Certified Facility with an Excellent Rating​

SQF Certified Facility with an Excellent Rating

Our Team

Jordan Greenwood

General Manager
(502) 499-1244

Jordan Tackett

Director of Quality & Sanitation
(502) 338-8942

Cathy Fleig

Director of Operations
(502) 499-2253